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Care products

Do you use natural or organic leather accessories? If so, remember that these types of materials require careful care. Take care of them, and they will repay you with an elegant appearance for years. To achieve such an effect, reach for professional leather preservatives, which were created specifically for leather goods. Find out how easy it is to choose the right products!

Which leather preservative to choose?

Leather preservatives are a very wide range of products. When choosing the right one, you should pay attention, among other things, to:
  • the purpose for which you will use it - a different leather care product will be needed for initial protection o an accessory, while another will be useful, for example, to regenerate and refresh a\ wallet or briefcase, which have already been used for several years;
  • the type of leather from which the product is made - for example, grain leather needs a different impregnating agent than suede or eco-leather products;
  • the method of application - leather care products are available in paste, spray or lotion form.
The choice is up to you! Modern leather preservatives are waiting for you in the OCHNIK collection. You can choose both professional impregnators for leather jackets and agents suitable for protecting and refreshing leather shoes, handbags or wallets. If you have any doubts about what to choose, check the descriptions of individual care products or consult our specialists!

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