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Women's cream winter collar KOLDF-0027-12(Z23)
Women's cream winter collar159,92 zł
399,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Women's brown winter collar KOLDF-0027-24(Z23)
Women's brown winter collar159,92 zł
399,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Brown-gray women's winter collar KOLDF-0028-81(Z23)
Brown-gray women's winter collar79,92 zł
239,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką


Are you looking for a unique alternative to the classic scarf or neckerchief? Do you desire an accessory that will completely transform your styling in a few seconds, adding sophistication and "claw" to it? If so, your closet should definitely include a women's fur collar. This is a timeless proposition that will give you a WOW effect!

Women's collar - what to wear it with?

Wondering what to wear a women's collar with? This is a very versatile proposition! Women's collars go perfectly with:
  • leather jackets - worn over a minimalist biker jacket, they will add a chic and distinctive look to it;
  • shearling jacket - they give them exclusivity, while also a touch of extravagance;
  • winter dresses - in this form, women's collars for winter can be worn even under a coat;
  • trench coats - especially on the threshold of autumn and winter.
Have fun with style and create unique combinations that draw attention to themselves!

Which women's collar to choose?

The best winter women's collars are those made of natural fur - extremely soft, warm and timeless. Pay attention, for example, to a collar made of natural fox, as well as models made of raccoon or mink fur. All of them will look spectacular! Also check out the variety of colors of fur collars. In addition to the classic, traditional coloring - for example, in shades of beige or brown - there are also models in crazy, vivid colors, perfect also for party styling. Discover all models available in the OCHNIK collection and choose the perfect one for you!

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