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Beige men's suit jacket MARMT-0013-81(W24)Beige men's suit jacket MARMT-0013-81(W24)
Beige men's suit jacket349,90 zł
449,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's navy blue single-breasted jacket MARMT-0014-69(W24)Men's navy blue single-breasted jacket MARMT-0014-69(W24)
Men's navy blue single-breasted jacket349,90 zł
499,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's black leather jacket KURMS-0161-1116(W24)Men's black leather jacket KURMS-0161-1116(W24)
Men's black leather jacket599,90 zł
699,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's blue single-breasted jacket MARMT-0014-61(W24)Men's blue single-breasted jacket MARMT-0014-61(W24)
Men's blue single-breasted jacket349,90 zł
499,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką

Men's blazers

Men's closet without a jacket? No way! Whether you prefer a more elegant or casual style on a daily basis, such a garment is sure to come in handy. What's more, you don't have to stay exclusively with a suit jacket at all (although it too can work well solo). Both for casual and more formal occasions, a sports jacket will look good - be sure to take a look at the most fashionable cuts and choose something for yourself!

Men's sports jackets - the essence of modern style

If you like to dress fashionably, a sports jacket is a must-have in your closet. It is a very versatile item of clothing, because properly selected jackets of this type fit, among other things. For example:
  • to the office - paired with a T-shirt and chinos or a semi-elegant sweater and jeans,
  • to a meeting with friends - a jacket with jeans is the perfect combination for a casual evening out, when you want to look elegant, but "without exaggeration",
  • to the cinema, theater or restaurant - in situations when smart-casual styling is most appropriate.

What kind of sports jacket will work best?

There are many models that work well for both more elegant and everyday styling. Our types are:
  • leather jacket - an indispensable companion, especially for spring and autumn. It will work well as an outer garment, although it will also be comfortable as a styling element for a meeting at the office. Elegant and with character!
  • jacket with a stand-up collar - this unusual cut breaks the typical styling, giving them a new character,
  • men's sports jackets in unconventional colors - navy blue, brown, or maybe gray? Any of these options can be the perfect complement to your styling.
Looking for a fashionable men's jacket? Be sure to check out the latest OCHNIK collection - stylish proposals are waiting for you!

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