OCHNIK S.A., as a family-owned enterprise, incorporates multi-faceted thinking about the environment into the philosophy of its operations. Involvement in Corporate Social Responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility) covers many aspects of the company's activity. OCHNIK takes part in numerous charity initiatives and cyclically supports charitable organisations, and the company's employees eagerly join voluntary work for those in need.

The company's management is particularly keen to support the youngest in need. We continuously cooperate with the following organisations helping children:

  • Children's Aid Society in Garwolin;
  • Association of the Friends of Children - Occupational Therapy Workshop in Miętne;
  • Foundation for Children "In Time to Help";
  • The Promyczek Children's Home Hospice Foundation.

One of our annual initiatives is the action "Together we can do more". In the spring, in OCHNIK shops all over the country special "donation bricks" can be bought for a symbolic 7 PLN. The clients' gesture counts twice, as to each sold brick we add the second amount. The doubled amount raised from sales goes into the budgets of associations helping children. Another initiative is the December sale of Christmas decorations made by the charges of the Occupational Therapy Workshops. The total income from this event goes to the WTZ account every year.

OCHNIK is also involved in nationwide social campaigns, such as the Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity or the Noble Gift, and actively participates in the life of the local community.

In 2019, in support of the health service during the COVID-19 outbreak, we organised the "Heart for Hospitals" campaign, in which we sewed protective masks and aprons for the Garwolin hospital, and supported the Siepomaga Foundation's collection run to equip hospitals with the medical equipment needed to fight the coronavirus.



As we have already reported many times, OCHNIK changes from season to season, along with the expectations of its Clients. The brand's offer constantly includes an increasing number of models produced on the basis of modern technologies from artificial materials that imitate natural raw materials. Over the last few years the share of natural fur in the OCHNIK collections has significantly decreased, giving way to artificial fur. Models for which natural fur was used currently make up a small part of the brand's offer, dedicated to clients looking for this type of products, and its share in the total OCHNIK sales is only 1.5%.

Regarding the nature and history of the company, as well as the needs and expectations of some of our customers, deciding to completely abandon products containing natural fur takes time and reorganisation. The selection of products available in our collections is based on the analysis of consumer choices and the adaptation of the offer to the needs of customers. In addition, we would like to point out that a significant part of the fur products in the company's offer is a by-product, coming from the breeding of animals for the food industry.

We would also like to emphasise that we have never underestimated the issue of animal welfare. Animals raised on farms should be provided with the best possible conditions, allowing their rights to be respected. Fur farms must be subject to regular checks and inspections, which will have the effect of eliminating pseudo-farmers who treat animals inhumanely.

We are aware that the subject of the use of fur in the fashion industry raises many emotions. We assure you that we listen carefully to every voice of this discussion, are open to changes and gradually introduce them into our collections.

Animal welfare is an important element in the cooperation between OCHNIK S.A. and entities supplying fur for the brand's products. Below you can find the content of the letter we sent to all our suppliers. We want to make sure that they fully share the OCHNIK stance on ethical treatment of animals.


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