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Large black unpadded women's bag TOREN-0274-99(W24)
Large black unpadded women's bag249,90 zł
349,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's graphite leather travel bag TORMS-0407-95(Z23)Men's graphite leather travel bag TORMS-0407-95(Z23)
Men's graphite leather travel bag499,90 zł
949,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Black women's travel bag large TOREC-0815-99(Z23)Black women's travel bag large TOREC-0815-99(Z23)
Black women's travel bag large269,90 zł
449,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's black leather travel bag TORMS-0411-99(W24)
Men's black leather travel bag599,90 zł
949,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Navy blue roomy men's bag TORMN-0288-69(W23)Navy blue roomy men's bag TORMN-0288-69(W23)
Navy blue roomy men's bag279,90 zł
419,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's navy blue leather bag TORMS-0103-69(W23)Men's navy blue leather bag TORMS-0103-69(W23)
Men's navy blue leather bag899,90 zł
1099,00 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Men's bag TORMN-0140A-69(Z22)Men's bag TORMN-0140A-69(Z22)
Men's bag199,90 zł
249,90 zł - najniższa cena z 30 dni przed obniżką
Travel bag TB-220-99
Travel bag1599,00 zł
Travel bag TB-220-89
Travel bag1599,00 zł
Travel bag TB-219-89
Travel bag1199,00 zł
Travel bag TB-218-99
Travel bag1399,00 zł
Travel bag TB-217-99
Travel bag1399,00 zł
Travel bag TB-217-89
Travel bag1399,00 zł
Travel bag TB-215-99
Travel bag999,90 zł
Travel bag TB-214-99
Travel bag1299,00 zł
Travel bag TB-214-89
Travel bag1299,00 zł
Travel bag TB-212-99
Travel bag1599,00 zł
Travel bag TB-212-89
Travel bag1599,00 zł
Travel bag TB-208-99
Travel bag1499,00 zł
Travel bag TB-208-89
Travel bag1499,00 zł

Travel bags

Functional, ergonomic and stylish - these are OCHNIK travel bags. Whether you are looking for a minimalistic model with a sporty character, or a refined and exclusive one - the perfect travel bag is waiting for you in our collection. Travel with class and comfort - just the way you like it!

Travel bag - when is it a good solution?

A very common term that is used for luggage in this category is "weekend bag". And indeed, women's and men's travel bags are readily used for short trips, often of an informal nature. However, this is not the exclusive use of these models.
In the OCHNIK collection you will also find elegant men's or women's travel bags, which will also prove useful during slightly longer trips - for example, those made of cowhide grain leather, equipped with two separate compartments opening like in a suitcase. This is an ideal alternative for people who want to carry their luggage over their shoulder or hold it in their hand.
In addition, a men's or women's travel bag may be easier to place in the luggage space on a train or in a car trunk, as it is more flexible than a hard suitcase.
If you want to travel with class and stand out from other passengers, a men's or women's weekend bag will be a great choice for you. In the OCHNIK collection you will find a wide selection of models for Her, for Him and universal. Check out our offer and find out which women's weekend travel bag or its male version will be perfect for you. Among our proposals you will easily choose luggage that will provide you with full comfort and match your style.

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