All raw materials used by OCHNIK S.A. are of natural origin and guarantee the highest quality. In order to preserve the qualities of products for as long as possible and enjoy their beautiful appearance, it is necessary to properly care for and maintain the leather. An innovative formula has been created especially for OCHNIK leathers, which we have used in all our impregnates and care products.

When using leather products, there are a few universal rules to follow:

Skin care
To prevent moisture from causing damage, clothes should be dried away from heat sources, on a stable, wide hanger. The effect of hot air causes the leather to harden, dry excessively and lose its sheen.

When storing garments, they should be placed in covers to prevent dust from penetrating the skin. We do not recommend the use of foil covers as they do not provide adequate ventilation.

To maintain the good condition of the hides, they should be treated from time to time with suitable products.

To remove dirt from grain leather, wipe it with a cloth slightly dampened with water. To protect suede and nubuck garments, we recommend protecting them with a protective spray before first use, paying special attention to the collar and cuffs. It is also a good idea to restore the fleece using a cloth or brush for suede. Dried dirt and deep stains should be removed at professional dry cleaners specialising in cleaning leather and suede.

A trial application of appropriate care products should always be made in areas that are not very visible, allowing the effect on the skin surface to be tested. Care and maintenance treatments should be carried out regularly, every 2-3 months. Using the right care and maintenance products protects the leather from damage and keeps it looking like new for longer.

Leather care and maintenance products are available in our showrooms and online store

Avocado lotion is used for the cleaning and care of grain leather, synthetic leather and plastic products. The unique formula containing avocado oil and other safe components allows the care of the leather, giving the surface a very gentle shine and silky softness. Avocado lotion removes natural dirt such as dirt, dust and beach sand. The product is suitable for all skin colours.

Lotion based on beeswax and oils. For smooth, varnished and fine leather. Cleans and nourishes leather. Recommended for clothing and leather goods. Not suitable for suede and nubuck.

Foam for cleaning suede, nubuck, textiles, grain leather and greased leather. Suitable for shoes and trekking clothes with climate membrane. Keeps leather soft and maintains its breathability. Removes dirt, salt stains and other dirt that can be cleaned without solvents. Refreshes the colour and conditions the leather.

A gentle cream based on natural waxes. Cleans, cares, nourishes, gives the leather a shine and renews the colour. For smooth leathers - natural and synthetic.

Clear spray for advanced protection against water and dirt soaking, based on the latest nanotechnology. Formulated for grain leather, nubuck, suede and textiles. Not suitable for varnished leather and synthetic materials. It not only prevents moisture absorption, but also significantly reduces soiling of materials while maintaining the breathing properties of the leather. The product breaks down into microscopic droplets during application and adheres to individual textile fibres and leather.

Colourless spray that protects footwear, clothing and leather goods against moisture penetration and greasy stains. Suitable for suede, nubuck, natural grain leather and also textiles. Not suitable for varnished leather and synthetic leather. Recommended for shoes and clothing with climate membrane. Does not alter the natural colour and does not block the breathability of the leather.


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