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Silver leather card case PORES-0835-92(W23)Silver leather card case PORES-0835-92(W23)
Silver leather card casePLN 89.90
PLN 139.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Gold leather card case PORES-0835A-28(W23)Gold leather card case PORES-0835A-28(W23)
Gold leather card casePLN 89.90
PLN 139.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Silver leather card case PORES-0854-92(W23)Silver leather card case PORES-0854-92(W23)
Silver leather card casePLN 119.90
PLN 169.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Cream leather card case PORES-0840-12(W23)Cream leather card case PORES-0840-12(W23)
Cream leather card casePLN 119.90
PLN 199.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Snake skin pattern card case PORES-0835-31(W23)Snake skin pattern card case PORES-0835-31(W23)
Snake skin pattern card casePLN 89.90
PLN 129.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction

Women's cases and covers

Credit cards, writing instruments or glasses are just some of the small accessories we carry with us every day. If you are one of those people who appreciate good organization and style, take care to properly protect these items. Women's suitcases will help you do this. These are items of small accessories that combine fashionable style with functionality. Choose the ones that will best meet your needs!

Women's leather cases for different occasions

Women's cases are a very diverse range of accessories. This is good news, because it allows you to choose ones that fit both your style and real needs. Be sure to take a closer look at such solutions as:
  • women's document cases - ideal for storing ID, company ID, driver's license or vehicle registration;
  • card cases - great for storing ATM cards and loyalty cards, for example;
  • pen cases - a must-have in every woman's collection (both diligent student and serious businesswomen);
  • eyeglasses cases - will ensure safe storage of not only corrective glasses, but alsosunglasses. It will be useful all year round;
  • universal women's case - you can use, for example, as a handy cosmetic bag or a place for small items that you do not want to carry loose.
When choosing the right women's cases and cases for yourself, it is necessary to pay attention to both their functionality and design. Classic elegance, or perhaps a distinctive and modern design that draws attention to itself? You decide! Discover the most interesting ladies' cases from the OCHNIK collection. Each accessory is a fashionable accessory that will highlight your style!

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