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Men's navy blue leather briefcase TORMS-0286A-69(W24)
Men's navy blue leather briefcasePLN 249.90
PLN 399.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Men's black leather briefcase TORMS-0286A-99(W24)Men's black leather briefcase TORMS-0286A-99(W24)
Men's black leather briefcasePLN 279.90
PLN 399.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Men's leather briefcase with flap TORMS-0326-99(W23)Men's leather briefcase with flap TORMS-0326-99(W23)
Men's leather briefcase with flapPLN 229.90
PLN 319.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Men's leather briefcase with embossing TORMS-0286B-99(W23)Men's leather briefcase with embossing TORMS-0286B-99(W23)
Men's leather briefcase with embossingPLN 299.90
PLN 379.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Cover TORMN-0025A-91(Z22)Cover TORMN-0025A-91(Z22)
CoverPLN 59.90
PLN 119.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Men's briefcase TORMN-0202-99(Z21)Men's briefcase TORMN-0202-99(Z21)
Men's briefcasePLN 149.90
PLN 299.90 - lowest price in the 30 days before reduction
Briefcase VB-207-90
BriefcasePLN 599.90
Briefcase VB-207-99
BriefcasePLN 599.90

Document holders

Are you a busy person and carry a lot of documents and a laptop on a daily basis? If so, you need a professional bag in which you can easily fit and organize all the necessary accessories. A briefcase bag will work best in this role. Handy, functional, reliable and professional.

Briefcase - for documents and more

The name briefcase, of course, comes from files - hence this type of bag is most often associated with people in the legal profession. And indeed, many a male brief case or female briefcase has found its way into the hands of a lawyer, legal advisor or notary. It is also successfully used by people representing other professions. A bag of large format, with a sturdy handle and a strap for hanging on the shoulder will be useful for anyone who leads a busy life and needs a safe and capacious accessory. Briefcases have an extremely wide range of uses - they are proven as a safe place to carry:
  • company documents,
  • folders and business catalogs,
  • a laptop or tablet,
  • writing instruments,
  • offer folders,
  • books and notebooks.

Women's briefcase vs. men's briefcase - is there a difference?

Women's briefcases are distinguished by their distinctive design: a large and spacious interior, accommodating at least A4 size, internal compartments to help organize documents, and a sturdy clasp. They may also have sturdy handles for carrying in hand and shoulder straps. However, when you're choosing a model for yourself, pay attention to the design as well. Men's leather brief cases may differ slightly from models designed for women. Women's leather brief cases often have a more distinctive color and more subtle shapes. But most importantly, most models are universal. When making your choice, be guided primarily by functionality and quality, which will make the briefcase serve you for many years. Models that combine modern design with solid workmanship can be found in the OCHNIK collection. Check it out and order!

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